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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a site dedicated to gentlemen getting messy in ladies' clothes and ladies getting messy in gentlemen's clothes. If you're looking for crossdressers in their best outfits and sexiest lingerie getting covered in slime, food, pies or getting a good soaking then you’ve come to the right place.


Feedback Survey

As things stand does NOT plan to shoot anymore videos for the website except for custom videos (please see FAQ if you wish to commission a custom video).

However if our research shows that a change of strategy could allow shoots for the website to break even then it may be possible to re-launch the website.

The purpose of this survey is to get the opinions of people who have either previously bought content from our store or those who would consider making a purchase if we changed our strategy.

If you would never consider paying for content from the website under any circumstances please DO NOT answer this questionnaire even if you are guessing what others may buy. Your responses will make it less likely that the website will begin shooting again.

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Village Fete Queen Meets Her Fate

When Elise becomes Gala Queen at her village's charity fete she doesn't suspect that the villagers have been plotting a way to get back at the years of her brattiness.

In her finest pink gown Elise sits horrified as people pay to dump more and more mud over her.

Flushin' Roulette 02 Quiz Game

Elise got absolutely messed up with tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, mayonnaise and pies when she returned to play Flushin' Roulette in Episode 6. With this quiz it's your turn to answer the questions with every correct answer playing more video of Elise getting messy. Also included in this package is a full version of Episode 6 to watch when you don't feel like playing along.

Flushin' Roulette 02 - Extra Saucy Edition

Elise plays an extra saucy edition of Flushin' Roulette. For every wrong answer she gives she risks getting pies in the face or extra saucy showers of tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo.

Dressed in just a corset, fishnet stockings, thong and 6 inch clear heels will Elise be getting any saucier during this quiz?

Messy Strap-On Blowjob Bet Result

The result of Elise's Messy Blowjob bet with Miss Mess wasn't what we expected. From the first couple hours we thought Elise would lose. So we shot the video to try save time. BUT Elise went on to win the bet by a massive margin (forget 100 it didn't even get to 10).

So we had a dilemma, a video was shot but Elise didn't lose. It took us awhile to decide what to do but eventually Elise selected a handful of teasing stills from the raw footage to include in a slideshow.

Relaunch: Messy Strap-On Blowjob Bet

After an unsuccessful launch and unfortunate events CrossdressMess ground to a halt but we're back with 3 new vids and a high-stakes bet.

Confident of a successful Miss Mess has bet Elise that between now and 23:59 on September 8th that more than 100 clips will be sold. If Miss Mess wins a heterosexual Elise (in the outfit pictured) will on camera get on her knees and be gunged mercilessly whilst giving her first ever blowjob to a realistic-looking strap-on complete with balls.