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Village Fete Queen Meets Her Fate

When Elise becomes Gala Queen at her village's charity fete she doesn't suspect that the villagers have been plotting a way to get back at the years of her brattiness.

In her finest pink gown Elise sits horrified as people pay to dump more and more mud over her.

Flushin' Roulette 02 - Extra Saucy Edition

Elise plays an extra saucy edition of Flushin' Roulette. For every wrong answer she gives she risks getting pies in the face or extra saucy showers of tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo.

Dressed in just a corset, fishnet stockings, thong and 6 inch clear heels will Elise be getting any saucier during this quiz?

Some Like It Sloppy

When developed a brand new range of coloured slime we went out searching for a showbiz name to introduce it. Luckily we managed to get Marilyn Monroe (OK Elise dressed as in her Seven Year Itch promo dress) to be gunged in the new slime.

However also being tested was some new lumpy snotty slime, with Marilyn having to pick buckets to be gunged with can she avoid the snot and find the rainbow slime?

Tied & Pied 01

After bizarrely putting green lipstick on Elise, Mistress Mess handcuffs Elise and puts her in a bottomless leather look short skirt ready to sit on a pie cushioned seat before splatting the helpless but defiant Elise with 20 pies & flans, 2 giant flans, 2 trifles and one final surprise.

Miss Mess's Maid Made A Mess

When Maid Elise messes up Mistress Mess's dinner party by serving the meal's courses in the wrong order Miss Mess decides to make a meal out of Elise backwards.

Elise's maid uniform is trashed by first a barrage of pies then helpings of custard, chocolate sauce, golden syrup, treacle, tomato ketchup, baked beans, mushy peas and eggs all finished off with the chef's speacial Seven Layer Drip...

Flushin' Roulette 01

Elise plays in our first edition of Flushin' Roulette. For every question she gets right she scores a point but for a wrong answer she must gamble in Flushin' Roulette by picking one of four letters. Two letters contain forfeits of pies or gunge, the other two are safe from forfeits. Dressed in just a corset, stockings, thong and 6 inch clear heels Elise is ready to take on the pies and gunge to see if she can win the quiz but does she?

Gunge Pride

Elise dresses up in her finest evening dress for her debut WAM video. As it is her first time being gunged publically whilst crossdressed we thought it best to celebrate with some Gunge Pride rainbow slime. Five buckets of the multi-coloured gunge to be precise.