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Flushin' Roulette 01

N.B. During the quiz there were three cock ups with the issuing of forfeits at the wrong time. For the sake of continuity video footage has been kept in but audio during those continuity clips has been muted to remove the director's rebukes. To make up for this we've thrown in the full version of the interactive quiz game (demo featured here) for free with any video purchase of Flushin' Roulette 01.


Elise plays in our first edition of Flushin' Roulette. For every question she gets right she scores a point, if she scores ten points she wins. But for a wrong answer she must gamble in Flushin' Roulette by picking one of four letters. Two letters contain forfeits of pies or gunge, the other two are safe from forfeits.

Dressed in just a corset, stockings, thong and 6 inch clear heels Elise is ready to take on the pies and gunge to see if she can win the quiz but does she?


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