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You may have noticed previously that we posted about a bet Miss Mess and Elise made about whether more than 100 clips would be sold within a week of the site relaunch last year. If Elise won she Miss Mess wins a heterosexual Elise (in the outfit pictured) will on camera get on her knees and be gunged mercilessly whilst giving her first ever blowjob to a realistic-looking strap-on complete with balls.

So who won? After what looked like a great start with 7 clips sold within the first couple of hours we were anticipating that Elise would lose.

So we decided to film it the next day to have it ready for release earlier. For her part Elise made a great effort giving her first ever blowjob even managing to deep throat the 7 inch strap-on a couple times and all the while we provided a steady stream of gunge that was poured over her both when she was sucking and also when she came up for air.

But as it turns out the numbers came to a grinding halt and by the end of the week the total hadn't even got into double figures. Talk about jumping the gun.

Which left us with a dilemma. What to do with the video.

It has been discussed at length and it's been decided that the video won't be released. The deciding factors being that firstly Elise had won the bet by a country mile so didn't seem right to put it all online as if she'd lost and secondly our video editor pointed out that the complexity of the footage, 'was going to be like getting buggered by a cactus to edit. Not even getting to double figures shows the demand is far too low to justify the pain in the arse.'

But all is not lost. Despite winning Elise suggested we put up screenshots below from the raw footage of messy stills from the shoot when she didn't have the dildo in her mouth or touching her lips. The more teasingly close the better she felt. Elise showing on the one hand being sporting enough to put up the free messy pictures of a shoot that should never have happened whilst on the other being a real teasing bitch when it comes to some of the pictures she chose that come so close...

Whilst we won't rule out the possibility that the video may be released if under a different set of circumstances it is very unlikely.

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This shoot turned out to be the final one we shot. Before the relaunch some of our lighting, backdrop and camera equipment for shoots was in desperate need of replacing and we patched them up as best as possible to shoot some of the earlier shoots it had been hoped the proceeds from the bet would be able to cover the cost of replacing it. Unfortunately we raised nowhere near enough and by the end of this shoot much of it was beyond patching up for further shoots.